The Equine House

•  6 januari 2016

There has been a buzz in town over the new ­development at ­Zandspruit Estate, with people trying to guess what the buildings that are going up were. The Equine House has been built in a class of its own to offer five star accommodation to the equine world and to stay in line with Zandspruit’s vision.

Supreme comfort for the horses was ­taken into consideration with the design of the stables. The two stable blocks ­offers 24 large boxes, each having its own tack cupboard, automated water drinkers, rubber matting and hay bars.

The arenas will include 2 lunging areas, dressage arena and a jumping arena. Future plans include a clubhouse with a deck overlooking the arenas and three more stable blocks.

The Equine House will offer livery ­contracts, riding lessons for all ages, as well as outrides into the Zandspruit Wilderness area. Regular shows will be hosted to attract riders from other areas of the country to our lovely town.


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