Zandspruit Bush & Aero Estate offers a variety of pre-designed homes for you to choose from. Each design has been diligently thought through to. These designs can be adapted to your personal taste by allowing minor alterations to the plans such as an additional bedroom, pool, pool deck or extended room deck.

Professional Architects Förtsch and Associates have provided all the pre-designed homes and have been involved in the Estate from inception. This in turn provides the experience required to offer the best possible options for maximising the benefit of living in such a magnificent environment. You are, however, able to create your own design within the Architectural Rules and Guidelines set out by the Zandspruit Estate Home Owner’s Association.

The modern Farmhouse style is reminiscent of the old Transvaal Farmhouse which was the typical architectural typography of the lowveld. Whether traditional or modern, a building is envisaged of a main house with roof pitches of 35 degrees and wide verandas surrounding the house to shade against the harsh sun. The verandas are to have pitches of 6 degrees.

The roofs will be either gabled or double hipped. Because no double storeys will be permitted window or shutter elements in the gables will only be decorative. Houses in this style have a height restriction of 7,5 meters.

This style makes extensive use of outside living spaces that interact with internal living areas – the outside patios shade internal living areas against the climate.

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View Farmhouse Style Designs (PDF):

Farmhouse Style LEADWOOD
Farmhouse Style APPLELEAF
Farmhouse Style MARULA
Farmhouse Style KNOBTHORN
Farmhouse Style JACKALBERRY