Nature Natter: ID Trees


In this blog post John Gear explains how to identify trees

Having written about some trees that you might like to plant around your house, it struck me that there may be owners, who love trees, but are not familiar with the incredible variety of trees that we are lucky to have on Zandspruit and also who have little or no clue about the identity of each.

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Nature Natter: Gardening with Trees


What tree to plant?

John Gear is continuing Nature Natter with some advice on gardening in a wildlife estate.

Part 1: Shade trees and Screening

I recently received a request from fellow owners (Peter & Fiona Mostert) to offer some suggestions regarding tree challenges in their Zandspruit Garden. This blog is largely based on what I suggested to them. I am grateful that they were happy for me to share this. At first I will set out some key principles when it comes to gardening in a Wildlife Estate and thereafter I will make some suggestions.

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Nature Natter: Snakes


Summer is here, which means warm days, rain, christmas time, hearing the call of the Woodlands Kingfisher, and the snakes are getting active, John Gear wrote a post about these interesting creatures

People are afraid of snakes and many believe the best sort of snake is a dead snake. However this belief is based on fear, graphic stories of early explorers on horseback being chased by black mambas, pythons constricting children to death and cobras spitting in their victims eyes from 10 metres. Read more

Nature Natter: Drought 3


The third part of the drought post by John Gear: Spring is in the air — but WHERE is the rain?

I ended my last Blog encouraging you all to appreciate the hot dry season and to marvel at the resilience of the fauna and flora of Zandspruit. We are two months on and the challenges remain. Is it unusual to still be in the grip of a drought as we enter November? The short answer is “no”. Zandspruit receives very patchy and unpredictable rain in September and October and that is what has happened. Read more